Can I Build An ADU?


Ideal Backyard Retreat in City of Alexandria, VA

Introducing our newest masterpiece: a 340-square-foot studio home nestled in a beautiful street in the City of Alexandria, VA. This stunning Accessory Dwelling Unit is more than just a space—it’s a versatile sanctuary primed for multi-functional use. Whether hosting cherished guests, accommodating beloved in-laws, or transforming into a lively entertainment hub, this thoughtfully crafted abode seamlessly combines comfort, convenience, and charm. Explore endless possibilities with this urban oasis, where every square foot is designed to inspire unforgettable moments. Want to learn about adding an ADU to your property? Call Makara ADU today to get started.

ADU Features

City of Alexandria

340 Square Feet

Detached ADU


Can I Put an ADU on My Property?

In a matter of minutes we can determine if you can put a Makara Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property. Are you ready?

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